According to the Guide Passport Ranking Index, the Russian passport is now ranked 51st. 117 nations are accessible without a visa thanks to it. It has a mediocre mobility rating as a result. Brazilian, Turkish, and United Arab Emirates visas are available upon arrival for bearers of Russian passports. However, 113 countries throughout the world need a visa for bearers of Russian passports. China, the entirety of the European Union, and India are a few of the places where a visa is necessary.

Buy Russian passport

There are two different types of Russia passports available in the Russian Federation. On-biometric for five years and biometric for ten years. The length of their existence and the cost of the consular charge are the only distinctions between these two Russian passports. You can buy Russian passport ranging from $30.00 for a 5-year passport to $80.00 for a 10-year Russian passport. No matter what type of Russian passport you have from Russia—a non-biometric or a biometric one—you will be accepted at the border regardless of where you are going. We are pleased to assist you in obtaining a Russian passport here.

Buy two types Russian passport

The 10-year biometric Russian passport must always be issued at a Russian embassy or consulate because specific equipment is required. We can assist you with scheduling an appointment and applying for a passport straight away. There are two choices for a 5-year non-biometric Russian passport. The first part needs you to visit an embassy or consulate, just as you would for a 10-year passport. The second alternative is to buy Russian passport during a travel session held by the Russian embassy or consulate in your region. They arrange travel seminars in major locations around the United States a few times a year. 

Buy Russian passport

Buy Russian passport

The old 5-year laminated passport must be issued within one to four months, depending on the situation, and the new 10-year biometric passport must be issued within three months if an application is made to a visa office outside of Russia, according to federal law and orders from 2012 and 2014, including both.

However, some visas demand an appointment before the applicant can submit the necessary paperwork to apply to buy Russian passport; in some cases, appointments are only possible many months or even years in the future, effectively negating a timely issuing of the travel document is only possible up to this point.

Additionally, if a Russian passport is lost or expired, applications for a new one are frequently rejected because they cannot be verified as valid for travel abroad.  For this reason, the embassies require a separate application to be submitted, either in person or signed and dated by a licensed professional, with verification processing times frequently exceeding many months.

However, it appears that this practice of adding extra costs to the applicant is against points 23 of orders 10303 from 2012-06-28 and 3744 from 2014-03-19, which promise that no additional services are necessary to apply to buy Russian passport.

Information need to buy a passport

There are data sections and signature pages in every passport. There are visible and machine-readable zones on a data page. The visual zone contains information on the passport, the passport owner, and a digitally captured image of the Russian passport holder:


2)Document type (“passport”)

3)The issuing nation’s code is always “RUS.”

4)PIN for a passport


6)first name

7)Country of residence (always “Russian Federation”)[10]

8)born on [date] (DD.MM.YYYY format)

9)location of birth


11)Publish date

12)expiry date


14)a scan of the owner’s signature 

Buy fake Russian passport

If you want to buy  fake Russian passport online, you are in the right place. provided by the Russian government to prove the Russian nationality and character of the essential traveling reports. The document is always eligible for legal assistance and protection from Russian government agencies and offices abroad. The Russia Passport Agency issues all Fake Russia passports. For the Russian Division of Movement, Evacuees, and Citizenship, this is important. The Russian Passport Agency issues all Russia passports. For the Russian Division of Movement, Evacuees, and Citizenship, this is important. Commonly, passports are valid for 10 years, which is an excessively long time. We are aware of how complex the process will be when applying for citizenship in a country like Russia. We can help you buy fake Russian passport without having to deal with the legal system.

buy fake russian passport

Where to buy  fake passport for Russia

Nowadays, the bulk of people go online for places to buy fake Russian passport, and Russia is no exception. Buy Russian passport has never been so simple; many people nowadays seek to get phony identification to travel or carry out other activities.  we provide you the option to select between a registered and an unregistered record, depending on how you want to use it. However, we advise all of our customers to get a fake Russia passport online with the details submitted to the accurate database. You won’t spend much money on this, and you’ll surely understand the regulations without any problems. We, therefore, need your help to round out the entire cycle. You want to abandon all the small details and start managing with a top-notch photo.

Our Promise after buy fake passport

On every sale, we provide a complete satisfaction guarantee. Please get in touch with us within 7 days after receiving your fake Russian passport, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your Fake Russia Passport. We would gladly collaborate with you to solve any issue.

We conduct unique packing and offer a 100 percent guarantee on all deliveries.

We want you to have a positive experience. As you can see from our reviews, the majority of our clients are content.

We constantly aim to have happy customers. Before providing bad comments if something does go wrong, please get in touch with us so we can help make it right!

Enjoy several benefits by buying a fake Russian passport

Being classified as an immigrant in the nation where you work and earn a living is not pleasant, and many people have found it to be quite irritating. It’s time to eliminate your current reputation and buy  fake Russia passport to take advantage of all the advantages it has to offer:

1)Even without a visa, Russia allows you freedom of travel across several nations. It must submit a visa application or provide needless information.

2)In this document, all units are enrolled with complete security. All of your false papers may be purchased from this one place online.

So if you’re curious about where to buy a fake Russian passport, get in touch with us right now. Given that there are several Russian embassies spread throughout numerous nations, you have access to the greatest global support system.

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